Poly Sync 20+ Microsoft

Poly Sync 20+ Microsoft

Poly Sync 40+ Microsoft

Poly Sync 40+ Microsoft

Poly Sync 40+

With the Poly Sync 40+ you can improve the sound experience of conference calls in an instant. Simply connect the Poly Sync 40+ via the included USB dongle, USB-A, USB-C or Bluetooth and enjoy the high-quality speakers and microphones. In addition, you can connect this speakerphone to two devices simultaneously. Thanks to the microphone range of 2.5 meters around the speaker, all speakers are clearly audible. If you use the Sync 40+ wirelessly, the built-in battery has a usage time of up to 20 hours. Charging is easy via the included USB cable. Extra handy: if the battery of your smartphone is almost empty, you can easily charge it via the Sync 40+.
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The Poly Sync 40+ is ideal for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Are you looking for a solution for larger meeting rooms? The Sync 40+ is also a good one. Easily sync multiple Sync 40s with each other wirelessly. Per Sync 40+ you then have a range of up to 2.5 meters.Thanks to the built-in echo and noise suppression, disturbing background noises are suppressed and everyone in the room can be heard perfectly everywhere.

Effective conversations

The effectiveness of a conversation is significantly increased if you can concentrate on meeting. Background noise is of course not desired. The Poly Sync 40+ is equipped with high-quality echo and noise suppression as standard. This way you can always call undisturbed, even with a lot of background noise you can still be heard excellently.

Set up the Poly Sync 40+ as you like

Of course, the Poly Sync 40+ comes standard with all the buttons you would expect on a speakerphone. In addition to the usual buttons for answer and reject calls and the volume, the Poly Sync 40+ also has a programmable button. Choose the function of this button via the Poly Lens software on your computer. For example, choose a system check, ending active Bluetooth connections or redialing numbers.

Ideal for meetings and music

Do you like to listen to music when you are not in a meeting? Even then the Poly Sync 40+ is an excellent choice. The speaker has a range of 75Hz to 20 kHz. This makes the audio performance a significant improvement over the built-in speakers in laptops and smartphones. A multifunctional solution.

Compact design

The compact design (height: 38mm, width: 102mm, length: 273mm) makes this an attractive solution for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. It takes up little space and is stylishly designed. This makes it a nice addition to the conference table.

Poly Sync 40+ Specifications

  • Connect wired via USB-A or USB-C
  • Connect wirelessly to your laptop via the included USB dongle
  • Connect wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth v5.1
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized meeting rooms
  • Wirelessly link multiple Sync 40s together for use in larger spaces
  • Always clearly audible thanks to echo and noise suppression
  • Suitable for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, among others
  • Smartphone charging via built-in USB-A port

What's in the box

  • PolySync 40
  • USB-A dongle
  • Instruction manual
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